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welcome to my itsy bitsy preview blog. following each session my clients will get a preview of their fabulous itsy bitsy poses within 24 hours of their session. enjoy these previews and visit my website for future session bookings.


itsy bitsy 5 yr old Corbin

 tonight i just stared at these pictures of my first child, my baby boy who is turning 5 in a few weeks. i really just cant believe how big boy he looks in these pictures. typically i dont get the best of pictures with him bc he never wants to take them but these... well sometimes " a very great present" works wonders. you are so handsome corbin and i love you so much. happy soon to be 5th birthday.


my itsy bitsy princess

 i love when girls stand with their lil belly's sticking out like this.
 this made face... i like it though!
 Cousins having tea party